Prostitution-related crimes and child trafficking in Poland

Nobody's Children Foundation has just published a report from a case - file study on prostitution-related crimes and child trafficking in Poland. It presents conclusions from research on prostitution-related crimes and the crime of trafficking in children for commercial sexual exploitation. English translation is the summary of the full version of the report available in Polish.
Child trafficking and exploiting children in prostitution are forms of enslavement and abuse that reduce children to the role of sexual objects having specific commercial value. Official statistics reflect only the cases that have been reported or detected. One of the causes of low detectability of such offences is the fact that commercial sexual exploitation of children is a domain of organized criminal groups that use various coercive measures against their victims. Children are intimidated and they fear ostracism and rejection, both by their family and friends and by the society, because they often have a feeling that they have somehow contributed to their exploitation. Variability of methods used to recruit potential victims makes it difficult to estimate the scale of the problem and to describe the characteristics of victims and perpetrators.
The case-file study presented in this report was meant to fill the gaps in our knowledge about exploiting children in prostitution, gaps that have to be filled if we are to develop effective preventive and rehabilitation programmes for victims. The future of a child or young person exploited in prostitution depends significantly on the response of the criminal justice authorities, including the correct legal classification of the acts committed by the perpetrators. The research was also meant to determine whether criminal acts that meet the statutory criteria of human trafficking - as defined in the Polish criminal law and international legislation - are classified as such in the judicial practice.

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