Poland: Assisting sexually abused children

On 16th and 17th February 2010 Tink Palmer conducted supervision and workshop for psychologists and pedagogues working with children victim of sexual abuse. The supervision and the workshop focused around methods of psychological assistance to children who suffered abuse, especially with the use of new technologies, and solutions in this field applied in UK. The training took place in the Nobody's Children Foundation "Mazowiecka" Centre in Warsaw.
Additionally, on 18th February Tink Palmer gave a lecture titled "Reframing Child Sexual Abuse" in School of Social Psychology in Warsaw.

Tink Palmer is an expert on the problem of sexual abuse of children with the use of Internet. She is a board member of a number of British nongovernmental organizations, including Internet Watch, Childnet International, ECPAT UK. She has a lot of experience and knowledge on both clinical and judicial aspects of the problem of sexual abuse.

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