I think, therefore I dont send

I think, therefore I don't send
I think, therefore I don't send
Sexting, which means sending sexually explicit or sexually suggestive material of oneself via mobile phone or the Internet, poses great hazards to young people. The campaign conducted by Nobody's Children Foundation is aimed to draw social awareness to this phenomenon, as well as to disseminate knowledge about the risks of it.

Research conducted in 2014 by GfK Polonia for Nobody’s Children Foundation shows that 11% of young people sent sexually explicit or sexually suggestive materials, while one-third of the respondents received such materials (photos or recordings). It means that youth sexting is alarmingly present in Poland.

 “I think, therefore I don’t send” is a comprehensive educational programme targeted at teenagers, professionals working with young people and parents. Our goal is to broaden awareness among teenagers by educating them on potential consequences of sexting and by promoting assertiveness when dealing with peer pressure. Parents and professionals have the opportunity to improve their competencies as they are provided with educational materials such as lesson scenarios.

The threats of sexting are also reflected in a feature film “Forever” produced for the campaign’s purposes. The whole movie consists of mobile and online activity shots, making it innovative and appealing. It also reflects the specific nature of the way teenagers communicate and behave. Apart from the film, Nobody’s Children Foundation has also released an educational video addressed to parents and professionals. It includes experts’ comments, as well as graphic representations of sexting research data.

As part of campaign a 30-second spot and a poster have been released, both created in partnership with advertising company “Publicis”. The campaign’s message have also reached the public through press and out of home advertising formats.

The social campaign „I think, therefore I don’t send” has been conducted under the patronage of the National Broadcasting Council, The Ministry of National Education and The Commissioner for Children’s Rights. 

The campaign started on Safer Internet Day, 10th February 2015.


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