Helpline in Poland


Helpline is a joint project of the Nobody’s Children Foundation and the TP Group Foundation (currently the Orange Foundation), that was launched in 2007 within the “Safer Internet” programme. Its mission is to help children and youth who face threats when using the Internet and mobile phones, and to introduce system changes to provide more effective protection for the youngest users of new technologies.

The Helpline’s services are targeted at children and young people, parents, and professionals working with children or in the area of children’s safety in the Internet.Services provided by include:
  • counselling in the field of children and youth's safety on the Internet,
  • providing help in cases or suspected or confrimed threats to children on the Web,
  • interventions in cases of child abuse via the Internet,
  • improving professional's knowledge and skills related to children's safety on the Web,
  • counselling in the field of prevention of Internet-related child abuse. 
The Helpline's consultants are available on weekdays, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.:
  • via a toll-free telephone line 800-100-100,
  • online (communicator),
  • from,
  • through e-mail,
  • through contact form available on the website 


The main phenomena defined by as threats include:
  • child sexual abuse on the Internet (grooming, child pornography)
  • cyberbullying (e.g. intimidating, blackmailing, publishing embarassing or disgracing material, blog hacking etc.),
  • children's exposure to dangerous content (pornography, violence, racism, xenophobia),
  • addiction to the Internethacking



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