Campaign against CSEC in Poland

Awareness-raising and educational campaign “Don’t lose!” aimed at preventing risks of commercial sexual exploitation of children, child pornography and child trafficking for sexual purposes before and during European Football Cup 2012 football games, will be conducted in Poland and Ukraine. Training scenarios will be implemented in educational and care institutions in Poland and Ukraine. Awareness raising leaflets and brochures, used during European Football Cup 2012, will be distributed in Poland and Ukraine with the support of wide network of partners (including hotels, airports etc.).

Project’s objectives:

1.       Increasing knowledge of youth through educational and awareness raising campaign organized in four cities hosting European Football Cup 2012 and other cities of Poland about negative consequences linked with commercial sexual contacts.

2.       Informing youth about possibilities of receiving help and support in case of encountering risky situations linked with commercial sexual contacts; discussing with youth ways of identifying such risky situations.

3.    Providing support to youth – anonymous and free of charge helpline 116 111 run by Nobody’s Children Foundation.

4.   Raising awareness among European Football Cup 2012 cup fans, visitors, potential clients and witness about Polish legal regulations and consequences of undertaking sexual commercial contacts with children.

5.   Promoting interdisciplinary cooperation between NGOs and governmental institutions working in the field of child care and support prior and during European Football Cup 2012 cup (in Poland and Ukraine).

6.   Raising awareness and activating football fans, visitors and inhabitants of the cities hosting European Football Cup 2012 cup about the problem of commercial sexual exploitation of children and child trafficking, along with indicating possibilities of intervention in such cases.


Target groups:


a) campaign addressing youth (November 2011- June 2012):

      During the campaign the workshops scenarios to conduct with the teenagers devoted to the problems of child trafficking and prostitution of children (one scenario- 2 x 45 min) are being distributed among the teachers and pedagogues,  some of which are earlier trained, how to conduct such workshops. The interactive game, how to protect oneself from the commercial sexual exploitation and how to identify risky situations, is also available for teachers (5 x 45min.).  The support for children is provided through free of charge Helpline 116 111.


b) campaign addressing visitors, football fans, potential exploiters and witnesses of commercial sexual exploitation of children (May 2012- June 2012):  
The  leaflets, posters  and awareness raising materials will be distributed during the European Football Cup 2012  with the support of institutions and organizations participating in the programme in: hotels, train stations, airports, harbors, on the boarders with Ukraine and Germany as well as through the  Internet. The  code of conduct will be implemented and promoted in the  network of hotels in Poland

More information about the campaign (in Polish)


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