Local supervisions in Moldova

72 psychologists participated in five local supervisions on 19th- 20th of June, 9th of November, 23rd of November, 7th of December and 21st of December 2012. The following topics were discussed during the supervisions: 

  • Psychological assistance in crisis situations for children victims of sexual abuse
  • Psychosocial Evaluation of Suspected Sexual Abuse in Children"
  • Primary psychological assistance for children in risky situations. Working with parents
  • Primary psychological assistance for children in risky situations"Complex assistance in cases of child abuse. Overview
The main objective within supervising workshops was to analyze the process of psychological evaluation of suspected cases of child abuse: subjects and terms; techniques used depending on request/problem; algorithm of evaluation; report on the psychological evaluation; there have been consolidated skills of working with parents in divorce situations in order to reduce risks for children by analyzing: divorce peculiarities, children and parents' needs, role of the psychologist in diminishing risky situations for children; there have been developed skills of working with children in risky situations: analysis of risk factors, indicators and consequences of risky situations; psychological intervention planning.



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