Jaunimo psichologinės paramos centras (JPPC) – Youth Psychological Aid Centre (YPAC)

The Youth Psychological Aid Centre is a non-profit public institution formed for giving psychological and social services to youth, for engaging in other educational and cultural activities and for involving volunteers in the said work. The main programs of the Centre include:
• Prevention, intervention and postvention of suicides and psychological crises among teenagers and young people (anonymous Vilnius Youth Line, Internet counselling program Letters to a Friend, social and psychological counseling, Mobile Crisis Intervention Group and Information Program)
• Children Day Care Center for risk group children in local community (Rasų district in Vilnius):
• Educational seminars, lectures, in-group training of communication skills, leisure time activities for young people, teenagers, children
• Publishing of educational materials covering issues important to young people.


More information is available at the webpage http://www.jppc.lt

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