Expert seminar in Copenhagen – information management to prevent child trafficking

On 15th-16th June 2010 25 experts from the Baltic Sea Region met to discuss situation of children in the asylum system and children in migration in relation to the risk trafficking. The seminar was organised by Save the Children Denmark in cooperation with the EGCC, Caritas Lithuania and Tartu Child Support Centre. The participants met to discuss information channels and structures established among various groups of professionals and how can a better information management contribute to more comprehensive and adequate protection systems for children at risk of trafficking.
Currently available information of trafficking builds on anecdotal evidence, unsubstantiated suspicions rather then on experiences from meetings with children. Experts agreed that although the number of cases in court where the victim of the crime of trafficking is a child is very low, a considerable number of young asylum seekers and other migrant children are at risk of become victims of trafficking.
The most significant issues addressed during the seminar included opposing interests of various stakeholders impacting reported numbers of trafficking cases; challenges linked to establishing age, nationality and travel routes of children; disappearances of children from the asylum centers.
The seminar was one of three events gathering Baltic Sea Region experts to discuss most urgent matters related to child trafficking. The first expert seminar was conducted in Vilnius in March 2010, addressing the issue of young people in prostitution. The third one will take place in Tallinn on the 14th - 15th of September 2010, focusing on forced labour, begging and trafficking for exploiting young people in criminality.
Outcomes of the three seminars will provide a basis for the final report that will map and analyze trends in existing information streams and provide recommendations on how to improve information management with the aim to better prevent child trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region.


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