Trainings on the Treatment of Children Victims of Domestic Violence in Bulgaria

The trainings were conducted on the 21st of November and 12th of December 2006 in two Bulgarian towns - Dupnitsa and Razgrad. Thus a wider range of professionals were trained. The main theme of the trainings was the Diagnosis and Treatment of Child Abuse, with the emphasis on the Treatment of Children Victims of Domestic Violence issue. The trainers were Yana Katzarova and Ekaterina Veleva, specialists in domestic violence and diagnosis and treatment of children victims of violence from P.U.L.S Foundation.
The participants were actively involved in the whole training process. In particular the topic of treatment of particular cases of child abuse aroused lively discussion and the participants were stimulated to exchange their experiences. Participants presented many cases of child abuse from their daily work. They also discussed how to improve the collaboration between different institutions dealing with children victims of violence. They made a lot of recommendations and proposals for improvement of the existing legal system and expressed interest for participation in future trainings and events related to issue of child abuse, especially on diagnosis and treatment.


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