Other organizations

Caritas Ruse

Caritas Ruse provides support for development and progress in six main programme directions: Trafficking in Human Beings, Integration and Rehabilitation of children with disabilities, Health and social services for elderly people, Child and juvenile justice, Emergency response and Capacity and spiritual building.

Website: http://www.caritas-ruse.bg/index.php

The National Network for Children

The National Network for Children is a Bulgarian non-profit network of leading NPOs, working with children and families.

Child and Space Association

The mission of Child and Space Association is to stimulate the interdisciplinary approach and cooperation between institutions in the field of child care and child protection; to develop services for support, consultation and social inclusion of children at risk, children with special needs; to work in the direction of overcoming the social isolation of minority and poor children and families; to enhance the development of foster care in Bulgaria and other alternative forms of children care and to participate actively in activities for abandonment prevention; to make efforts for promotion of quality in professional training, qualification and obtaining additional skills from professionals working in the field of child social services.


The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee is an independent non-governmental organisation for the protection of human rights. The objectives of the committee are to promote respect for the human rights of every individual, to stimulate legislative reform to bring Bulgarian legislation in line with international human rights standards, to trigger public debate on human rights issues, to carry out advocacy for the protection of human rights, and to popularise and make widely available human rights instruments.