Comparative report on child abuse

Nobody's Children Foundation published the comparative report from six European countries (Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine) regarding the problem of child abuse. The goal of the study was to assess attitudes towards child abuse and corporal punishment as well as parental practices in six countries participating in the project "Childhood without Abuse: Towards a Better Child Protection System in Eastern Europe" financed by OAK Foundations . The same measurements were applied in 2010 and 2013 to provide an objective evaluation of the change that occurred during the project as well as comparison between countries. The results from earlier studies were also utilised to address the changes in attitudes towards corporal punishment and, in effect, findings from years 2005-2013 have been compared.

The report can be accessed here:

OAK_Comparative_Report_Child_Abuse_6_Countries_2010-2013_.pdf1.78 MB

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