CALL FOR PROPOSALS for the establishment of Resilience Resource Center in Moldova and Latvia

Social Activities and Practices Institute launches a Call for Proposals for a small project for the establishment of Resilience Resource Center in Moldova and Latvia, in order to support deinstitutionalisation.

In 2008, SAPI launched a Resilience Resource Center, with the financial support of the OAK Foundation. The RRC chiefly focuses on training trainers on integrating the resilience approach in the helping professions - social and psychological services, teaching, educating. With that, the Center issues Resilience-based manuals and information materials for parents and professionals, as well as provides supervisions for professionals by Bulgarian and international consultants; translation and dissemination of literature relating to resilience; description of good practices in social work, caseworks in which the resilience approach has been applied, etc. Thanks to the work of the RRC, in Bulgaria there is now an established network of experts from NGOs and governmental structures that successfully apply the resilience approach, both in the direct work and in professional training.
Since September 2012, SAPI is implementing project "Bientraitance - network of Resilience", an important step toward the sustainable application of the resilience in the helping and pedagogic professions. Within the project, SAPI will provide a small funding for projects aimed at creating Resilience Resource Centers in Moldova and Latvia, as well as technical and methodological support, translation and adaption of resilience related materials.
Applicants are required to prepare a concept note and submit it not later than 30 April 2014.

You can download the Call for Proposals, Guidelines, and Application here

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