Bulgaria to report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

On the 48th session of the CRC, which will last from 19th May to 6th June 2008, Bulgarian delegation is going to present its second periodic report on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. After examining the report, the Committee will address its concerns and recommendations through Concluding Observations.

These are major issues that the Committee may take up during the dialogue with the State Party:
• Compliance of domestic legislation with the Convention;
• Non-discrimination in general and in particular discrimination against Roma children, girls, children with disabilities, children living in poverty, children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, children in conflict with the law and children living in rural and remote areas;
• Programmes, services and support provided to families;
• Domestic violence, abuse and ill-treatment, including corporal punishment;
• Access to health care and education, including by children belonging to minority groups;
• The right to education, including aims of education and leisure;
• Rights of children with disabilities;
• Standard of living;
• Children working and living in the streets;
• Sexual exploitation and trafficking;
• Administration of juvenile justice, including diversion options, conditions in juvenile detention facilities, follow-up for recovery and social integration.

NGOs and National Children's Commissioners can submit Alternative Reports to States Parties reports to give a different perspective to the Committee. All Alternative Reports are made available through the NGO Group for the CRC. You can find Alternative Reports submitted by:
• Child Helpline International
• Global Initiative to End all Corporal Punishment of Children
• Mental Disability Advocacy Centre (MDAC) in cooperation with Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC)
• Social Activities and Practices Institute

at CRIN's website: http://www.crin.org/resources/find_altrep.asp?CRCID=52&country=33

Source and more information on Bulgarian report at: http://www2.ohchr.org/english/bodies/crc/docs/AdvanceVersions/CRC.C.BGR.3.pdf

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