Youth Council of Slovakia

Rada Mladeze Slovenska
Rada Mladeze Slovenska
The Youth Council of Slovakia (Rada Mladeze Slovenska) is an umbrella organization of children and youth organizations. It unites organizations with various target regardless of political, religious, national and ethnic status


The main target of the Youth Council of Slovakia is to influence state policy in compliance with legal order and to create conditions for the universal, free and democratic development of children and young people and to achieve their legitimate interests. RMS cooperates actively with partner organizations in abroad, with international governmental and non-governmental organizations and authorities involved on behalf of children and young people. It also collaborates with state authorities and those civic associations active in the field of interests of the Youth Council of Slovakia.


In relation to their members, observers and also to other subjects oriented on the help and the work for children and youth, the RMS provides counseling, methodical and informational services and contributes in the creating of financial resources for the activity of children and youth organizations. One of the services provided is informational service which notifies about actual news, important deadlines, steps taken in the field of the youth policy, new training and international offers etc.


Every year projects arise from the requests and the needs of member organizations of the RMS. Projects with annual periodicity are trainings, informational or thematically oriented leaflets and brochures, meetings with state and governmental representatives, festivals of children and youth activities, various international projects, regional youth councils’ cooperation and publishing of our own magazine called Youth Forum about youth policy, children and youth work and many others. We are one of the creators of the international project called which purpose is to serve as a modern and effective communications channel among national, regional youth council at the European level.


In regard to the voluntary base of work of children and youth organizations the RMS makes an effort to improve the professional level of volunteers. First of all, we can mention the distribution of information about the youth policy, social life, grants and financial sources, international activities, philanthropy and the reminders to documents concerning the non-profit sector.


The important index for the RMS is the existence of children and youth-related social problems and it endeavours to react to these and to contribute to their settlement.

The leaflet about RMS is to download on the RMS webpage

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