The Romanian Center for Missing and Exploited Children

To combat the growing problem of missing and exploited children, including child trafficking and child prostitution, a new non-governmental organization (NGO), The Romanian Center for Missing and Exploited Children has opened in Bucharest, Romania.

The new center will work closely with government, law enforcement, other non-governmental organizations, and the general public on cases involving and issues affecting missing and sexually exploited children and their families.

The Center will provide a variety of information and services for both law enforcement officials and the public, including the following:

• Operate a new 24-hour call center to receive and manage reports of missing and sexually exploited children;
• Establish networks within Romanian stakeholders who work to report and solve cases involving missing and sexually exploited children;
• Facilitate communications and coordination with similar centers throughout the world;
• Establish a system to monitor and track cases;
• Develop a national network of volunteers that will be trained and utilized in search operations;
• Provide technical assistance to professionals who interact with children and their families to be responsive to the special needs of victim children and their families;
• Increase public education and awareness about the issues of missing and exploited children through media campaigns, conferences, workshops and other events; and
• Establish a monitoring system to help prevent children from becoming victims of Internet child pornography.

The new center is a member of the global network that is being created by the U.S.-based International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC). The new Romanian Center was modeled after the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in the U.S. and Child Focus in Belgium.

To read more about the Center, visit the webpage

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