Children Association Satu Mare

The purpose of "CHILDREN" Association is identifying, preventing and stepping in when children are neglected and abused, in perfect agreement with Romania's strategies and policies in this field and with the European laws regarding children's rights, laws signed by Romania.

Main objectives:
-creating a network for identifying, preventing and stepping in, in case of abuse and neglect on children
-collaboration with the local communities in order to school the representatives and specialists from the community in cases of abuse and neglect, so that the transfer of responsibility occurs
- profiling, intervention and prevention by organizing a multidisciplinary team of specialists that will go at incumbent's homes in community and in less favores areas.
-taking into account the great number of abandoned children, "CHILDREN" Association is trying to find the causes of the abandonment and prevent it
-advice and assistance for children and family in order to integrate again children from centers into their natural family
-continuous schooling for professional social workers and development of the mentality of accepting and sustaining the natural family, and keeping a relationship with the child placed in a natural family
-advising and sustaining the natural family in order to develop the parental functions
-organizing mass media campaigns on the abandonment, abuse and neglect on children theme

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