Sieciaki on Holidays tour

"Sieciaki on Holiday" is an educational campaign run by Nobody's Children Foundation in cooperation with Orange Foundation since 2006. Team of young animators travels around Poland organizing outdoor events on Internet safety in the most popular holiday destinations. In 2009 there were 7 such picnics. The inauguration took place in Cracow on 16th of June.
The main goal of the campaign is to teach children, through games and other fun, outdoor activities, how to be safe online, what to do when encounter dangerous content in the Internet and where to seek help in case of Internet related problems.

The idea of Sieciaki tour links to educational resource for children, within which 4 Sieciaki characters - web wise children - teach young Internet users how to stay safe online.

Each "picnic" lasts for about 3 hours. Children can participate in many activities prepared by the organizers in three huge, colorful tents. One of the three tents changed into a big, open air cinema (SiecioKino), where children were watching Internet safety cartoons and short movies and then answering questions related to their content.

Second tent, a big Internet café with computers provided with wireless Internet turned into a Mega Safety Center, where picnic's participants could verify and deepen their knowledge on Internet safety by solving e-learning courses or various quizzes, as well as explore safe Internet sites for children developed within the project.

Sieciaki's Entertainment Centre - the third tent in which children could find many couloring books, mostly with scenes concerning situations that children may encounter online as well as thinkers and puzzles, all about Internet safety.

Each event was accompanied by a mini-concert of a hip hop band who performs dynamic songs on cyber safety.







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