Bad Touch campaign in Poland

On 13 May 2010 second edition of the social awareness and educational campaign against sexual abuse of children was inaugurated in Poland. The "Bad Touch" campaign is run by the Nobody's Children Foundation and Children Rights Ombudsman. First edition of the campaign in 2002 made many people realize how serious and not at all uncommon is the problem of sexual abuse of children, yet still a lot remains to be done to tackle it. The slogan of the campaign - "Children hurt by the bad touch want to be invisible" - reflect the organizers idea of reaching to children who are not able to cope or ask for help themselves.


Materials prepared within the campaign are meant to inform parents, teachers and other professionals how to protect children and help those who have experienced abuse. As the campaign will proceed, local organizations and institutions will be invited to get involved.

More information, as well as visuals and publications of the "Bad Touch" can be found on

In the attachment you will also find position statement of the Nobody's Children Foundation for the "Bad Touch" campaign.

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