Abused Child Quarterly dedicated to William N. Friedrich

The current issue of NCF's quarterly publication Abused Child is excepcional. It was dedicated to a man whose influence on child psychology, particularly in the field of sexual behaviours in children and child trauma is difficult to overestimate. Seven years have passed since the death of prof. William N. Friedrich.

Although he is more known in USA the researchers and professionals from all over the world uses his work. The current issue focusses on the influence of prof. William N. Friedrich on the development of the programms for prevention of child abuse in Poland.
The texts written by William Friedrich and published in quarterly publication concern sexual behaviours . One of the texts Short- term consequences of child sexual abuse was written by Friedrich for the first issue of Abused Child in 2002 and today has been published once again. Another text written together with Mark Chaffin Evidence -based treatments in child abuse and neglect preceded the lecture inaugurating European Conferention of International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect organized by Nobody's Children Foundation in Warsaw in 2003.

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