20 years of the NCF publication - Abused Child Quarterly

The Nobody's Children Foundation published 39th issue of Abused Child Quarterly. Recent issue marks twenty years of the periodical - specialized publication with a main goal to broaden knowledge of professionals about different aspects of child abuse. Number 39 presents articles concerning different ways of treating children that constitute what is understood as child abuse, including physical and emotional violence, sexual abuse, commercial abuse, neglect and Munchausen syndrome by proxy. It is meant to serve as a compendium of knowledge, providing information on scale, conditions and consequences of main aspects of child abuse.

The idea to create Abused Child Quarterly came with realisation that professionals in Poland lack access to already established knowledge and new developments regarding child abuse phenomenon. It has been decided that the content of the publication with be divided in three parts: theory, research and practice and each issue will follow a particular theme. During ten years numerous Polish, as well as foreign, researchers and practitioners contributed to the quarterly. It is regarded as a valuable source of information for students, academics and front line professional. Recently, with a growing popularity of the Quarterly, it has been decided that selected articles will be available online.

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