116 111 inaugurated in Poland

On 6th November 2008, 116 111, first free Polish helpline for children and youth has been launched. The number will be operated by the Nobody's Children Foundation. Launching of 116 111 in Poland was possible thanks to successful cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Office of Electronic Communications, the Nobody's Children Foundation, and Polkomtel S.A., Official Sponsor and Technological Partner in the helpline implementation.

The helpline started working at 12 am, 6th November, after a press conference hosting Grzegorz Schetyna, Minister of Interior and Administration; Katarzyna Hall, Minister of National Education; Marek Michalak, Children's Ombudsman, Jaroslaw Bauc, president of Polkomtel S.A., and Monika Sajkowska, the Nobody's Children Foundation director.

Aim of 116 111 is to help children and youth in need of support, care and protection. Highly qualified psychologists and pedagogues working in the helpline will assist children to cope with their problems and go through difficult situations. 116 111 professionals will cooperate with relevant organizations and institutions. Thanks to agreement made between the Police Commander in Chief and the Nobody's Children Foundation in case when life or heath of a child is allegedly at threat, helpline consultants are authorized to initiate Police intervention.

A special website, www.116111.pl, has also been launched to provide information about the rules the helpline is operating by and its purpose. Additionally, children can ask questions online, participate in forum, read useful guidelines concerning difficulties typical for their age.
Poland is a fifth EU member country, after Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary, to adopt 116 111. 116 111 numbers form a group of pan European free social helplines established with the initiative of the European Commission.
In Poland, the helpline has been given patronage of Katarzyna Hall, National Education Minster, who offered to monitor the problems reported by children and introduce necessary changes in education system.


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