Words Hurt campaign in Moldova

„Words Hurt for a Lifetime" campaign was launched on October 5, 2013 at an event dedicated to teenagers and their parents in the "Stefan cel Mare" National Park. The event was organized in cooperation with a team of young bloggers from the Youth Media Center, who promoted the campaign messages by developing and distributing materials on the effects of the emotional abuse of teenagers and covering the issue in their personal blogs. The event was organized in cooperation with other NGOs, state institutions and the private sector and gathered dozens of parents and adolescents. It was also attended by the Minister of Education, Mrs. Maia SANDU and supported by local singers, journalists, bloggers and NGOs' representatives. The event participants were given the "Hard words hurt" information leaflets, meant for the parents and containing useful tips on communication with the teenagers. Also the GOOD WORDS Catalogue was presented. It's a special billboard where parents, teenagers and other event participants had the possibility to write beautiful messages and good words directed to children likely to replace the hard ones. The launching event and the „Words hurt for a lifetime"campaign were covered by several national TV channels, newspapers and online (Prime TV, Canal 3, Publika TV, Radio Moldova and Ziarul de Garda). The campaign materials were also promoted via social networks as Facebook and Youtube and distributed at various trainings for specialists responsible for the protection and education of children, as well as at the International Conference "Children victims of violence: systemic approach in prevention and protection". Thanks to all this, it's estimated that at least 160 000 people have read the slogan: "Hard words hurt! Choose your words carefully when talking to teenagers!".
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