State institutions in Moldova for the improvement of child-witness protection

The Agreements between the National Center for Child Abuse Prevention and the Ministry of Justice as well as the General Prosecutor’s Office in the field of protection within the justice system of children victims or witnesses of violence were signed in October 2010. The Agreements confirm the willingness of state institutions to cooperate with non-governmental institutions to promote and ensure the best interest of the child within the justice system of the Republic of Moldova.

The partners intend to develop the legal and procedural framework to ensure adequate procedures for children victims/ witnesses of violence during the examination of criminal cases and will jointly promote procedures that would exclude additional victimitization of children involved in the criminal prosecution process. The parties have agreed to organize activities for strengthening professional capacities of judges, prosecutors and criminal prosecution officers in examining cases involving children, either as witnesses or as victims of violence as well as providing multidisciplinary assistance to children victims or witnesses of violence. They will cooperate to inform and raise awareness of the public regarding the need of a special approach to children victims or witnesses of violence involved in the justice system. 

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