Outreach Moldova

Outreach Moldova and Hincesti Orphanage is an Irish Charity based in Dublin that works with 300 disabled orphaned children in the Republic of Moldova in Eastern Europe.

Workers of Outreach Moldova concentrate on all aspects of their care from medical & surgical to building & renovation to improve the environment they live in. They believe that humanitarian assistance programmes must target all areas of need not just immediate material relief. For this reason they have implemented and supervised the incorporation of social, educational and care programmes with local staff to provide the care these children need.

Outreach Moldova is a non-profit organization and all Irish staff working both in Ireland and Moldova do so on a voluntary basis. There are 2 full time Irish administrators living in the orphanage to oversee all work carried out by both local staff and Irish volunteers.

You can visit the webpage http://www.outreachmoldova.org and if you require any further information you can write at moldova@ireland.com

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