The Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency

The Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency was founded in 1996 by community members, professors, medical professionals, and members of the law enforcement community in Kavadarci, Macedonia. The Council is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit, volunteer organization, committed to the educational and humanitarian interest of the citizens of Macedonia. The main goals of the Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency are:

  • to prevent juvenile delinquency, asocial and inappropriate behavior in young people through organizing their spare time, creating an environment to involve them in social activities, and community development processes
  • to advocate and create the legal structure for the treatment of juvenile offenders
  • to improve the relation between governing structures and civic associations, for the benefit of all citizens.

The Council is always open for young enthusiasts who want to create a positive change in the community and to upgrade themselves through the programs, exchanges, trainings, seminars and all other activities offered by the organization.

The current programmes run by the Council are:

· Babylon Centre

· Transparency Project

· Macedonian Model United Nations Club

· European Club

More information is available on the website

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