Macedonian celebrations of the Global Action Week

The Global Action Week is a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of the importance of free, compulsory public basic education for all people. It was initiated by the Global Campaign for Education, which brings together civil society organizations, NGOs, teacher unions and child rights activists.

In the Republic of Macedonia, there are over 18 000 children who are out of school, that makes 5% of all children who are supposed to attend school. For seven years now, the First Children's Embassy in the World - Megjashi, as a member of the Global Campaign for Education, is trying to improve the situation in Macedonia by organizing the Global Action Week every April. In this year's activities, Megjashi cooperated with three other NGOs: Blue Sky, MOF - Youth Education Forum, Triangle - Center for Non Formal Education.


These are some of this year's Global Action Week activities:

  • The World Biggest Lesson was organized in 49 schools across the country. The main event took place in the Elementary School "26 July" in Skopje. The Lesson was attended by a number of local Mayors and representatives from Councils for Education.
  • There was a Debate Day organized in over 30 schools, where students, parents, teachers, and politicians expressed their views on the importance of better participation in the educational process and quality education.
  • Press conference, with presentation of case studies showing importance of schooling, was held.

You can find more information in the latest Megjashi Newsletter.

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