Local supervisions in Bulgaria

First supervision conducted in 2008 in Bulgaria by Social Activities and Practices Institute (19 November) gathered educators, social workers and therapists representing among others Community Support Centre and Child Protection Unit. During the supervision three child abuse cases from the practice of Community Support Centre were analyzed with emphasis put on effective interdisciplinary cooperation aiming for rehabilitation of children victims of violence. The participants mentioned the advantages of interdisciplinary work, such as opportunity to understand the viewpoint of all the specialists involved, as well as to improve the inter-institutional cooperation while working on a particular case.
Second supervision held in December in Complex for Social Services in Pazardzhik was devoted to analysis of one of the cases from the practice of the Complex. The participants, mainly social workers, teachers and police officers, coming from institutions involved in solving the case, were informed about possible interventions of different professionals and institutions, and means for successful cooperation between them.

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