Vaiku Linija in Lithuania

Lithuanian Vaiku Linija is a nationally available helpline established to help children needing psychological support. The service of Vaiku Linija is available everyday, from 11 to 21.
The phone number which children can call while having problems is 8 800 11 111.

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Research About the Street Children in Lithuania: Abuse Experience (2000)

The research, initiated by UN, UNICEF and World Health Organization and carried out in 2000, aimed at evaluation of the drug use, sexual experiences and medical state of street children in Lithuania.

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I am going to court

I am going to court - cover, Latvia
I am going to court - cover, Latvia
The activity book for children to help them in getting ready for witnessing in court. It is dedicated for younger children (5-12 years old) and should be filled in by a child under the supervision of a professional or a parent or a caregiver. By short and easy description it helps to understand the institution of court justice and the role and obligations of a little witness. The book was published in Poland in 2002.

Assistance To Children – Victims Of Sexual Abuse Or Trafficking, And Their Close Relatives: Evaluation Of Current Situation

In 2006 from January to February public institution "Vaiko namas" (Child House) conducted a survey of organizations working with children, which during their everyday work may face sexually abused or trafficked children. By conducting this survey it was aimed to evaluate:
• assistance available to children - victims of sexual abuse or trafficking
• difficulties which various organizations face with when dealing with sexual abuse cases