Vaiko Namas - Child House

Vaiko namas (Child House) is non-governmental organization aiming for the children being raised without violence and abuse, and be able to help themselves and their friends. NGO Vaiko namas provides psychological, social and legal assistance and services to children who suffered sexual abuse and commercial exploitation, and their close relatives.

Psychological services
• Psychological counseling
• Crisis intervention
• Social skills training
• Assistance by the professional in conducting child legal interview
• Preparation of the child for legal procedures
Social services
• Providing information on other available services
• Work with child's closest people (ex., class, friends)
• Children accompanying to other institutions which provide necessary services
Legal services
• Child interview room
• Counseling on legal issues
Counseling of the professionals
• Counseling in case of factual or suspected sexual abuse
• Assistance in organizing and solving cases in interdisciplinary team
Abuse prevention
• Publishing of methodic recommendations for professionals
• Organizing of the seminars and conferences on abuse issues
• Organizing prevention events for children



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