International conference on the child-victim of crime in Lithuania

Children Support Centre organized an international conference "Child - victim of abuse: multidisciplinary attitude and international experience" on the 24th May in Vilnius, Lithuania. 150 specialists from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine and Bulgaria working in legal, child protection, social, psychological help fields participated in the conference.
Viceminister of LR Ministry of Justice T. Vaitkevičius and Deputy Prosecutor General of LR A. Nevera made a welcome speech. Ombudsman fo Chilren Rights of the Republic of Lithuania E. Žiobienė, prosecutor from The Prosecutor General‘s Office of the Republic of Lithuania D. Skorupskaite Lisauskiene and Children Support Centre director Ausra Kuriene made presentations in the conference. Specialists from NGO‘s from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine shared their experience in child abuse prevention and intervention.
During conference two discussion groups "Assurance of Help for Children - Victims of Abuse" and "Forensic Interviews of Children: Current Situation and Problems" were organized. Expert psychologist M. Keller-Hamela led a seminar for legal system specialists "Interviewing Children - Ten Steps Investigative Interview".

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