Trainings organized by Centre Dardedze

Centre “Dardedze” organized in 2006 two trainings for psychologists, social workers, care givers, nurses.

The first one was held on the 16th and 17th of November covered the subject of capacity of organization working with abused children and their families in terms of interdisciplinary and team work. The participants were professionals from one organization. The main aim of the seminar was to evaluate work of the organization and to find its strong and weak points. More detailed issues discussed during the seminar were:

  • models of interdisciplinary work
  • models of inter institutional work
  • models of cooperation with juridical authorities
  • work with children who are victims of crime.

Recommendation for the next year is to work in closer cooperation with judges, prosecutors, custody court and police.

During the second training, which was organized on the 14th and 15th of December, the participants acquainted themselves with the “Different art, music and stories’ methods for diagnosis and treatment of abused children and their families”. All participants agreed that the method of diagnose and treatment is one of the most important factors in successful rehabilitation of abused children. Therefore it is very important to choose the most helpful and effective method for each child. Art, music and stories’ methods (cognitive and behavioral methods), presented during this training, are trust-building methods which can be used in the first consultations with the child. Moreover, these methods are working in an indirect way and do not cause post-traumatic effects. These methods give a child the possibility to use the well known skills and activities (drawing, playing and telling stories). It was concluded that these methods could help children who have suffered from abuse and cannot recognize and understand their feelings them to become aware of their experiences .

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