The supervision for social workers assisting sexually abused children in Latvia

The supervision took place on 14th of November 2006 and was led by an international expert Alice Newman (principle therapist with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation). It was organized for 20 social workers dealing with sexually abused children in all regions of Latvia. It was the first international supervision for social workers, therefore social departments and crises centers were highly motivated to participate in it. There was recognized a problem that situation in Latvia and U.K. vary a lot and therefore solutions in crises situations in both countries should be different too. For participants it was interesting to get information about the social system in U.K., but on the other hand it was noticed that this experience cannot be applied in Latvia because of the different legislation. Participants recommended organizing a supervision led by an international supervisor from country who has more similar social system to Latvia's. The supervision became also a great occasion to exchange an experience and knowledge.

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