See It, Hear It, Say It campaign in Latvia

See it, Hear it, Say it campaign in Latvia was launched during the national conference for child protection professionals and media representatives, that took place on 5th December 2008, in Riga. The conference was opened by the vice Mayor of the Riga City Council, who gave his patronage to the campaign.

Council of Europe, Children's Rights Inspectorate, as well as Ministry for Children and Family were also participating in the coalition supporting the campaign.

The campaign was lasting for one month, and during that time Center Against Abuse "Dardedze", partner organization in the Childhood without Abuse Project, was opened for any individual to come and consult in child rearing approaches and methods. During one month 32 individuals signed for counseling and there were 4 positive disciplining sessions for parents held. Moreover, telephone consultations for child protection professionals seeking advice were held. Intervention telephone number was made available to the public proved to be needed, as many people reported their concerns about child abuse cases. News about the campaign were broadcasted by several Latvian and Russian TV channels and radio stations.

To close and sum up the initiative, a meeting for professionals working in child abuse prevention field in Riga was organized. It also allowed the campaign supporters to meet and discuss the results achieved by conducting the See it, Hear it, Say it campaign.

The campaign materials have been originally created on pro bono basis by the advertising agency DDB Warsaw for the Nobody's Children Foundation and later adapted into Latvian and Russian by DDB Latvia.

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