Bad Tradition campaign in Latvia

The campaign was launched on the 4th of April, 2013 at Dardedze's center. As it was also the day of their 12th anniversary, Dardedze invited the professionals from numerous municipalities in Latvia and introduced them to the newly launched campaign "Traditions that should not be passed on". The campaign images were displayed on public transportation in Riga and the postcards with additional information on positive parenting were distributed at restaurants and cafes. As the campaign was also very visible in electronic media - many put the image together with an article or press release - it provoked heated debates on corporal punishment. Posts appearing under campaign's articles on the Internet showed that parents still considered spanking to be an effective method even though in a survey conducted during the campaign only a few parents admited to use it. It showed that Latvia still needs such public awareness raising events, that would promote the use of positive discipline methods and educate the parents on the negative influence the abusive ones as spanking have on children.

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