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Child Helpline International is a network of children's helplines throughout the world aiming to strengthen its members and offer them a platform to communicate and share their expertise. CHI also facilitates establishing new helplines and takes an active role in advocating on a global level for children and their rights. Among CHI resources you can find a selection of guides covering different aspects of child helpline functioning.
  • A guide to child participation in child helplines
This publication aims to inform how children can be involved in different activities, at different levels and at different stages of child helplines.
  • Good governance and accountability - a guide to strengthening your helpline
This guide shows how to incorporate good governance strategies in child helplines, taking into account the various organisational structures and the different stages of helplines. It presents the whole cycle of good governance from the earliest stages of design and conception of a helpline, as well as provides useful tools for setting up a good governance structures.
  • Fundraising - how to fund your child helpline
An overview of planning and carrying out fundraising activities by a child helpline. The guide aims to improve members' capacities to raise funds from numerous different sources and gives some examples of effective fundraising strategies.
  • Building your child helpline - a guide to starting or scaling up a child helpline
This publication comprises a set of advices how improve or initiate a child helpline using a model most suitable to local circumstances. It gives opportunity to draw from experiences of already existing helplines. Cases studies are presented to illustrate the variety of possible solutions.
  • CHI training manual for child helplines - a user-friendly guide for counsellors of child helpline
This manual serves as a comprehensive preparation for training of helpline counsellors. It gives a number of tips on how to approach and facilitate the programme, encourage participants and give feedback. There's a training programme proposed, that can be used as a framework while creating trainings fit to specific needs of different helplines.

All the publications can be downloaded at Child Helpline International website.

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