Conference of Estonian Union for Child Welfare – What Does a Child Want?

Conference of Estonian Union for Child Welfare - "What Does a Child Want?" will take place on 3rd of October, 2008 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The aim of the conference is to discuss the predominating tendencies present in the society and their influence on children. The conference is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare.

Topics of the conference:

• Child - a value: The ever increasing individualism and stratification of the Estonian society influence its members, their behaviour, relationships and value judgements. How does that influence the birth rate? Are parents in addition to safety and good material opportunities influenced by their children's place in the society, whether they are popular and adapt to the image of a successful person?
• Child - a mirror of society: What are the children who have grown up in the independent Estonia like, what kind of values do they hold? Whether or not, and if yes then how is child development influenced by our present surrounding society? Can we claim that as adults people do not suffer from psychological problems that date back to their childhood, and do children grow up with the ability to form and maintain healthy relationships? Why is children's emotionality declining and their know-how growing? Can children be raised at all?

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