Supervision on interdisciplinary cooperation in Riga

In October 2008 supervision with professor Margaret Lynch from UK was held in Riga. It was organized by Center Against Abuse "Dardedze" in the frame of Childhood without Abuse Project.

The supervision focused on the issue of interdisciplinary approach in child protection. The topics raised covered such issues as deciding what is harmful to children and what is actually child protection; why and how we must and can work together as professionals representing different fields of child protection; what are roles and responsibilities of different professionals and sectors throughout child protection process. Different cases were looked at as examples of positive and negative cooperation, showing the consequences of each. It was identified that introducing protocols of cooperation would solve many confusions and problems related to interdisciplinary cooperation.

The group of participants included social pedagogues, social workers, psychologists, medical professionals from hospitals, representatives of municipal police, state police and custody court, most of them based in Riga.

Participants stated that the supervision will help them in their everyday work and that they gained additional knowledge and understanding of how to improve interdisciplinary work and what should be done to make it better.


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