Educational game COMING HOME

Board game “Coming Home” was invented and published by Lithuanian non-profit organization Secure Child Center (Saugaus Vaiko Centras) in 2001. The copy rights for printing 100 pieces of the game in the languages of the seven countries participating in the project were given to Nobody’s Children Foundation. The game was translated and adapted by coordinators by respective local coordinators of the project. The colourful copies printed in good quality were made on non-profit basis by Granna company in winter 2006.

The game is distributed among schools, NGOs, therapy centres and other places where professionals can use them in their work with children.

The aim of the game is to help children acquire effective safety skills and enhance their psycho-social resiliency. While playing, children find out what situations and why could be dangerous, and what to do. Players encounter various dangers and are encouraged to look for best solutions.


The game is intended for children from 6 to 14 years of age. Number of players is up to 6.


The game is facilitated by an adult leader (pedagogue, psychologist, social worker), who is an active participant in helping children to find adequate answers.


  1. Game board.
  2. Playing dice.
  3. Six figures.
  4. Cards* with situations and questions concerning possible dangers: at and around the school (orange cards), in the park (green), at the shop or market (red), on the street (blue) and at or around home (yellow).

*Cards marked “+10” are added when playing with older children5. Leaflet with the information for the leader.


Leader introduces the story of children coming back home and meeting various obstacles. The task for children is to omit or solve the problems by answering the question. The adult facilitating the game helps children if necessary.


There are five groups of questions, each containing 11 situations.

At or around the SCHOOL (orange cards)

Whom can the child tell if he is being hurt or humiliated at school? Several teenagers threaten to harm you or your family members, if you will not bring them money. What will you do?Your friend invites you to taste some left-over drinks at his home. What will you do?

In the PARK (green cards)

An adult offers to pay, if you agree to be photographed without clothes. What will you do?You have found an unexploded firework. What will you do?A big dog is running towards you. What will you do?

At the STORE or market (red cards)

On the STREET (blue cards)What help can you get from a policeman?A stranger offers you special candies that will make you very merry. What will you do?

At or around HOME (yellow cards)

Do you know free emergency number(s) to call the police, firemen or paramedics?What are private parts of the body that usually remain clothed? There is a job announcement on the Internet for easy and fast earning. What can it mean?




This picture presents educational training where Moldovian teachers were instructed how to play the game "Coming home".







Here the beneficiaries of the Moldovian Center AMICUL are playing the game.


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