10 Steps to Become a Better Parent

10 Steps, Latvia
10 Steps, Latvia
The brochure provides 10 tips for parents helping them in building the positive and encouraging models of discipline for their children. Some parents are afraid that without spanking or other kinds of corporal punishment they won't mange to control children's behaviour. The brochure describes in short and easy words the positive rules which can change family life for better and happier both for parents and for children. For the first time the brochure was published in 2003 in Poland taking inspiration from A guide to better parenting published by NSPCC, London 2002. In the year 2005 the brochure was translated and adopted in six languages within the project Childhood without Abuse. The brochure is divided into four parts. After opening on one site of the publication we can find the title and ten tips with descriptions which help to put the tips into practice. Some of them are:

1. Love is the basic need in child's live.

2. Listen carefully to your child.

3. The described boarders are needed even in most loving relationship.

4. Laugh helps in going through everyday difficulties.

5. Looking at the world from a child's perspective and trying to imagine his/her emotions is a basic key to understanding child's behaviour.

6. Praise and encourage your child.

7. Respect your child as you would respect the adult person.

8. Settle a stable order of the day.

9. Each family needs some rules.

10. Don't forget about your own needs.

Second site of the unfolded brochure contains some more advises of positive choices of parents, quotations of parents thoughts and facts that can be surprising. As the brochure was translated from Polish into five other languages the full content is available in those six languages. Files can be downloaded from this site.


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