Principles for the safe accommodation of child victims of trafficking

ECPAT UK has launched its On the Safe Side report, which details 10 principles for the safe accommodation of child victims of trafficking. The report was written following structured face-to-face interviews and a roundtable discantus with a range of relevant professionals, including local authority children’s services, the police, NGOs, and organizations accommodating child victims of trafficking. Through this research, ECPAT UK identified that there are no commonly agreed safety and protection standards across the UK for the placement of children who are suspected or known to be trafficked.

In light of this, ECPAT UK believes that child victims and/or suspected child victims of trafficking are not receiving the protection of safe accommodation that their complex psychological, emotional and physical needs demand and is in line with legislation. On the Safe Side is a vital resource for those providing accommodation for child victims of trafficking and acts as a clear, easily accessible guide to safe accommodation that is aimed to reduce the number of child victims of trafficking going missing from local authority care. It brings together a wealth of research so that practitioners are able to successfully meet the required standards of safe accommodation, while taking into account the complex needs of a child victim of trafficking, putting the child at the heart of the model.
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