Child as a Witness

The law should protect child victims!

According to the independent observers under the Czech law victims are far less protected from hurtful publicity than criminals. In support of these words they show a case of eight-year-old Ondra, who – abused by his mother – was refused the right to privacy, being repeatedly shown in undignified circumstances in TV.

AGIS conference in Sofia

On the 18th of September 2007 in Sofia there took place a conference organized by Partners Bulgaria Foundation from Bulgaria together with Nobody’s Children Foundation from Poland as a part of the EU AGIS project. The subject of the conference was the situation of children-witnesses in courts and all the issues connected with this topic.

Ukrainian expertise concerning interrogation of juveniles

The expertise attached in the document below provides a general analysis of conducting juveniles’ interrogation due to the Ukrainian legislation. The paper describes also problems existing in this area and gives some recommendations concerning necessary changes aimed at converging Ukrainian law to the European standards.

International expert conducts the supervision in Skopje

In January 2008 Maria Keller-Hamela conducted a supervision in Skopje, Macedonia. As the meeting was devoted to interviewing children witnesses and victims of crime, the participants were discussing cases and exchanging experiences concerning this issue.