Fighting child pornography on the Internet: between legislation and concrete action



The Academy of European Law (ERA) invites for a seminar "Fighting child pornography on the Internet: between legislation and concrete action" which will take place in Madrid on November 29-30, 2012.
This seminar is part of a project sponsored by the European Commission and consisting of a series of six seminars that will take place in Madrid (2012), Lisbon (2013), Vilnius (2013), London (2014), Sofia (2014) and Stockholm (2015). The overall theme of the series is “Fighting cybercrime. In light of the recent adoption of the 2011 EU Directive aimed at combating sexual abuse and exploitation of children as well as child pornography, this event is intended as a platform to debate and assess the new EU legislation and to promote the effective investigation and prosecution of offences in this area of law.
The aim of the new EU instrument is to respond effectively to the challenges of new technologies that have made child pornography much more widely available.
During the seminar other European legal acts and complementary measures such as the 2007 Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (CETS No. 201) and the UN Child Online Protection (COP) initiative will also be debated. Law enforcement agencies will be represented by Europol and Interpol.
Key topics:
• European and international legal instruments and concrete cases
• Internet blocking issues
• Role of the law enforcement agencies
• Soliciting children on the internet for sexual purposes (‘grooming’)
Who should attend? Law enforcement officers, ministerial officials, judges, prosecutors, covert internet investigators, child protection/safeguarding officers and representatives of the internet industry.
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