EUROCHILD Annual Conference 21-23 November 2007 Malta

Eurochild's next Annual Conference will take place from 21 to 23 November 2007 in Malta. This year's title will be: “Preventing social exclusion of children and young people in Europe: Participation & early intervention”.

Eurochild welcomes the increased attention being given to child poverty, as it creates a real opportunity for mutual learning and the development of new policies for action and change.

On the occasion of its fourth annual conference, Eurochild will focus attention on three core themes that are considered crucial to preventing social exclusion and poverty among children and young people in Europe:

1. Family & parenting support
2. Child & youth participation

3. Early years education & care

Each of these themes will be explored through in depth workshops running over the two days of the conference. The principles of participation and early intervention underpin each of these themes.


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