Child protection systems in Eastern Europe

One of the aims of the Childhood without Abuse Project was to strengthen child protection systems in the countries participating in the project - Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine. As a step toward diagnosing the systems and changes that has been introduced so far, flow charts of child protection system in each country have been created by the organizations participating in the project. The flow charts attempt to show existing procedures for handling cases of alleged child abuse cases, institutions that have the responsibility to intervene, and main operational connections between them.

You will find the flow charts below in the attachments.

Latvia flow chart.pdf6.38 KB
Lithuania-flow chart.pdf15.13 KB
Macedonia-flowchart.pdf310.76 KB
Moldova-flowchart.pdf12.62 KB
Poland-flowchart.pdf12.55 KB
Ukraine-flowchart.pdf5.22 KB
Bulgaria-flow chart.pdf21.77 KB

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