Bad touch campaign in Bulgaria

The "Bad touch"campaign was conducted in Bulgaria by Social Activities and Practices Institute between November and December 2011. During the press conference that launched the campaign and took place on November 22nd 2011 in Sofia there were presented the results  of the research on sexual abuse and prevention of sexual abuse, as well as on support for the victims and their parents.
On the same day the campaign was also presented in the municipality of Shoumen and the broadcasting of the TV and radio spots started on the media that have coverage in the whole country. The start of the campaign was widely covered by the national and the local media; interview with experts were broadcasted on three TV channels and seven radio stations. The beginning of the campaign itself became the reason for the debate on sexual abuse in the media.
The results of the good introduction of the campaign were visible in the many requests for interviews and in the interest shown by the journalists that attended the press conference within the conference organized two weeks later regarding corporal punishment as a form of upbringing and education (National Conference "Positive parenting and prevention of corporal punishment towards children between 0-3 years", 9/12/2011).


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