Child Abuse and Neglect

Lithuania prohibits all corporal punishment of children

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On 14 February 2017, the Lithuanian Parliament passed amendments to the Law on the Fundamentals of Protection of the Rights of the Child prohibiting all corporal punishment of children. It was the reaction on the January's case of the 4-year-old boy beaten to death by family members. Shocked Lithuanian society started demanding a legal ban on violence against children.

One photo - thousand words: anti-sexting campaign in Ukraine

The campaign for adolescents is based on the materials of Empowering Children Foundation's campaign "Sexting? Think what you post".

Homo tabletis – Do not be a tablet parent

What was your baby's first word? Mummy? Daddy? Or maybe even tablet? If the word ‘tablet' appears early in your child's vocabulary, then it's very probable that your baby is a ‘Homo tabletis'.

Comparative report on social attitudes towards comercial sexual exploitation of children

The report presents the results of an international research project carried out by the Nobody's Children Foundation in 6 countries of Central and Eastern Europe within the programme „Prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation in Central and Eastern Europe-a comprehensive approach".