World Day against Child Labour 2017

In ILO statement we may read that, although all children have the right to be protected from child labour, around the world, there are still 168 million children in child labour. Eighty-five million of them are engaged in hazardous work.

In areas affected by conflict and disaster, homes and schools are often destroyed. Many families lose their means to earn a living. Family and social protection systems break down and increase the risk of child labour. Child refugees and migrants, particularly those on the move who are separated from their families, are especially vulnerable and can easily fall prey to trafficking and child labour.

Those who stay - or are left - behind are especially vulnerable to the worst forms child labour, including in mining or scavenging for metal and minerals in war-torn areas, clearing rubble, or working in the streets. In the most extreme cases, children find themselves as combatants fighting adult wars. Others are used by armed forces or groups as spies, helpers and porters - or become victims of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Read whole ILO Director-General Guy Ryder statement for World Day Against Child Labour.


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