Women and Children Flee Famine and War in South Sudan

Women and children arriving to Uganda from South Sudan are terrified, hungry and often alone. Many children are too traumatized to speak and do not know if their parents are alive. Last year, more South Sudanese refugees crossed into Uganda than the total number of refugees who crossed the Mediterranean.

Save the Children collects testimonies of refugees from South Sudan. Flavia, a Save the Children worker, said: "They are telling us that back home they have witnessed their parents being killed. One boy said his father was hung next to him - he has nightmares about it and when he wakes up and he's speechless. We are also seeing cases of malnutrition; you can count their ribs when you see them." Pete Walsh, Save the Children's Country Director in South Sudan: "The testimonies we are hearing are horrifying. Children arriving alone, having been forced to flee their homes in search of safety and protection. Many are on the brink of starvation. Famine has already been declared in three locations and will spread, unless the world opens its eyes to this catastrophe."

Whole article and some stories you may read here - link.

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