Stop Webcam Child Sex Tourism

Terre des Hommes
Terre des Hommes
Terre des Hommes Netherlands, international federation for children, their rights and equitable development, launched a campaign against a largely unknown, but quickly spreading new form of child sexual exploitation that takes place via chat rooms, social networking sites and web cameras. This form of exploitation is increasingly affecting children from the developing countries, who are abused by the adults from Western countries.It is estimated that only in the Philippines there are tens of thousands of child victims involved in the international online sex crimes, but very few perpetrators have been brought to justice so far.

In less than two and a half months Terre des Hommes researchers were able to identify over 1,000 adults who were willing to pay children in developing countries to perform sexual acts in front of the webcam. With the help of a virtual 10 year old Philippine girl the researchers identified adults from more than 65 countries. The video footage of the child predators has been handed over to the police authorities today.

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