Publication for proffesionals

Children Support Center has published a manual "Child -victim of violence: legal, psychological and social aspects" for proffessionals.

Publications on the child sexual abuse

The manual “Sexually abused child. Diagnosis, intervention, assistance” and the translation of  Bengt Soderstrom book “Methods of therapy of sexually abused children” were published (in polish language) by the Nobody’s Children Foundation in teh frame of the „Childhood against abuse” project. The manual is the first complex book about the most important issues in the field of child sexual abuse.

When a child is a victim of a crime

The brochure “When a child is a victim of a crime” was published in polish language by the Nobody's Children Foundation in the frame of Childhood without Abuse Project. It is addressed to child witnesses' parents and caregivers. It explains parents' and caregiver’s rights as well as the rights of their children within court procedures, provides information about the interviewing procedures and how to support a child-victim or child-witness of a crime.

Childhood without Abuse Project Newsletter

This issue of the Childhood without Abuse Project Newsletter sums up the activities of the last year of the project implementation, devoted to the problem of institutional abuse. It also presents some of the results of the studies regarding attitudes towards the problem of physical abuse of children, carried out in the frame of the project in 2005 and 2009.